League Contest Rules

1. Definition of an ALES League Contest

a. The contest must be run in accordance with the AMA ALES rules (AMA Event 463).

b. The contest must have at least 6 participants (see Section 2) and at least 3 full rounds must be flown.

c. If a contest is a multi-day event, the total score for the entire contest must be submitted for each participant.

d. If more than one class is flown, the scores for each class must be submitted individually and each class must meet the requirements in Section 1.

e. The contest must be open to any current AMA/MAAC member .

f. An ALES League qualifying contest need not be AMA (US) or MAAC (Canada) sanctioned but must be advertised in a readily accessible forum at least 15 days prior to the contest date. Scores will be accepted for contests that are rescheduled due to circumstances beyond the control of the event organizers.


2. Definition of a Participant

a. A participant must complete at least 1 full round, regardless of how many total rounds are flown in the contest.

b. A participant must be an AMA/MAAC member. Non-AMA/MAAC members may be included in the contest but only participants will be included in the computation of league scores.


3. Scoring

a. The highest placing participant in a contest will receive 100 league points for that contest. League points for all other participants will be scored proportionally to the highest placing participant as 100*(participant’s score/winning participant’s score).

b. In addition to the 0 to 100 point score, every participant will also receive 0.1 extra point for each participant that they place ahead of in that contest.

c. Contest scores must be submitted to the league as follows: Last Name, First Name, AMA/MAAC number, Total Contest Score, in that order. Only participant’s should be submitted. Scores may be submitted by email in either generic text or spreadsheet format. League points will be computed by the league.

d. A participant's top 5 league scores will be summed for his total league score for that calendar year. In case of a tie, the next highest scores will be used to break the tie.

Scoring Example: If a contest has 15 participants, the winning participant with a contest score of 6500 points will receive 101.4 league points - 100 points for winning and an additional 1.4 points for placing ahead of 14 other participants. The 5th place participant with 5525 contest points will receive a league score of 86 points - 85 points plus an additional 1 point for placing ahead of 10 other participants.

January 24, 2013

Modification History

December 19, 2016 - Updated bonus to 0.1 extra points per participant.

January 28, 2017 - Formalized policy regarding rescheduled contests. Corrected math in the scoring example.